Why choose RSBM grade beams?

With RSBM’s grading beam, you can grade large areas quickly and efficiently.

The grading beam is a smart, flexible solution as it has a bolt-on bracket/coupler with the same bolt pattern as other tools (e.g. rock and sorting grabs, compactors and sweeper rollers) from RSBM. This means that our dealers do not need to carry several different grading beams versions since a single model covers various configurations. End-users and contractors can also get by with a single beam for several machines if they do not need to use more than one at a time.

What’s more,RSBM’s grading beam has cutters on the leading edge and wear bars under the entire structure. This means a long service life, making the grading beam even more profitable. The journaled compactor roller can be raised and lowered to achieve the best setting for your particular needs.

What is a Grading Beam?

A grading beam is a wide, flat bottomed excavator attachment used for levelling loose aggregates or dirt. It’s best used when wanting to finish larger areas of aggregates where using a grading bucket / ditch cleaning bucket would take too long. It’s a beneficial attachment for landscapers and groundworkers trying to achieve a level surface before continuing with further work or to finish a a project. Some of the materials it’s most effective with include: sand, gravel, crushed tarmac, top soil. On projects like smoothing out top soil before turfing a garden or levelling out pea shingle on a driveway or footpath.

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When should I use a Grading Beam?

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The RSBM Grading Beam has been designed to be a wider and flatter attachment, in comparison to a Grading Bucket. It is common within the construction industry for Grading / Ditching Buckets to be used to level the ground. This is usually done by using the reverse / back / bottom of the bucket. Using the bucket in this way causes additional wear and reduces the lifespan, meaning that the bucket will have to be replaced more frequently than usual. The Grading Beam has been developed to be used for this instead. It has been specifically designed and developed to carry out the same action without causing damage to the attachment.

The Grading Beam is a heavy duty construction, manufactured from hardened steel to maximise the resistance and durability of the attachment. It has been designed with a Machined Edge Blade to allow for flat grading of material and Guiding Fins to enable a closer grade to curbs and objects, as well as to more accurately guide materials into place.


  • Robust design
  • More efficient surface grading means greater profitability
  • Bolt-on mounting/bracket
  • Cutters at the leading edge
  • Wear bars under the entire structure
  • Extendable side beams
  • Journaled compactor roller
  • Compactor roller can be raised and lowered
  • Bolt-on bracket/attachment point makes switching brackets easy
  • Bolt-on bracket/attachment point means dealers need keep fewer grading beams of the same size in stock

RSBM grading beam is meticulously engineered to provide superior performance, durability, and versatility. An ideal choice for ground workers and landscapers wishing to achieve an even and flat surface.

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