Why Choose RSBM Excavator thumb?


As we all know,excavator thumbs are the optimal attachment for construction, road construction, forestry, and mining applications. These durable, versatile and wear-resistant thumbs can be used with any bucket, blade, or rake and deliver endless possibilities for your operation.

RSBM’s range of excavator thumbs provides the versatility needed to get the most out of your excavator.The thumb’s rugged design combined with easily maintained parts provide a product that will provide years of productive service, by allowing you to pick and move more material more efficiently.

We offer two types of excavator thumbs:

1.Manual thumbs


RSBM’s manual thumbs provide an economical and safe solution to solve job-site material handling needs.the thumbs are welded on to your machine. This is a rigid thumb that does not move with use of hydraulics. There are no special pins or hydraulics required for this thumb.

This thumb pushes against whatever item you are picking up and then close the bucket. The manual thumb you have to push the thumb against the item to be picked up and then close the bucket.

Available for immediate shipping for a wide range of mini-excavators, backhoes, and large excavators.


* Quick and easy installation on dipper stick

* Welded on base plate with no need to remove main pin for installation

* No additional hydraulics or modifications required

* Three pre-set mechanical thumb positions for application versatility

* Over sized pivot pin prevents twisting

* One piece base plate ensures overall strength

* Serrated edge holds material secure to bucket for superior loading

This is your low cost solution when in need of a thumb.

2. Hydraulic thumb

There are 3 type of hydraulic thumb

2.1 Progressive Link:

Progressive Link Thumb_news

Lightweight design provides peak machine stability and allows for more payload and lower fuel consumption

Full rotation with bucket allows pickup of items throughout the bucket’s range of motion

Press-in bushing

Large rod diameter with 1/2″ wall housing

Multiple T-1 steel fingers for rugged construction

Lock-back bracket prevents the thumb from drifting when not in use

Recessed zerk with housing

Threaded six-bolt reinforcement cap

Larger bolt diameter for thumb pin retention

Spherical bearings in the hydraulic cylinder and in the progressive link to thumb

Grease zerks bracket for hydraulic cylinder safety

Thick wall tubing for multiple finger placement

2.2 Pin-on type:

pin-on type thumb_news

Minimal welding for quick install and less stress on critical boom structures

Field-replaceable components make it easy to replace common wear items onsite with minimal downtime

Efficiently operates on all machines

Integrated design on side plates and fingers for greater strength

Special finger serration for increased holding ability

Minimal welding required for installation onto the machine

Linkage allows a rotation of up to 140 degrees for maximum grappling

2.3 Weld-On type:

Low-profile thumb storage provides improved visibility

Hydraulic action offers versatile thumb positioning

Multi-position thumbs for optimum performance

T-1 steel construction for greater strength and longer wear life

So which thumb will you choose?

Welcome to contact RSBM team and get one for your machine!

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