Why Choose RSBM Drum Cutter


What’s a drum cutter?

A drum cutter is suitable for any application requiring hard materials to be cut or ground away.

A drum cutter is an attachment where rotating drums equipped with picks, strategically positioned around the outer diameter, are rotated by a hydraulic motor at several hundred revolutions per minute to cut rock, concrete or frozen ground.


With models available for machines from 3.5 to 35 tons,

Our excavator hydraulic rock grinder attachments are used for:

Rock & Concrete Grinding


Tunneling & Trenching




Dredging Underwater

Pile Head Cutting

Rock Scabbling

Foundation Excavation


Drum Cutter Attachment for cutting or grinding rock, concrete, asphalt, and more.

Our rock grinders allow you to cut down multiple types of materials so you don’t need to haul anything off-site to be crushed.

Our rock grinder attachment will leave a clean path with its precision grinding making it the perfect tool for trenching into concrete. Our rock and concrete grinders are available based on the size and flow of your skid steer or excavator.

RSBM Drum Cutters are designed with a low centre of gravity to reduce the load, tension and vibration on the arm of the equipment.

How do you choose the right excavator Drum Cutter Attachment?

When choosing a rock grinder, you will want to consider the size of your project and the horsepower that you will require to meet these needs.

Ask yourself these questions:

• What kind of project are you taking on?

• What type of materials will you be cutting?

• Which grinder is the most cost-effective decision for your needs?

Based on the needs of your project, we can help you to choose the most effective rock grinder option to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Don’t hesitate to contact RSBM team for a free consultation!

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