Using RSBM quick couplers to boost productivity

When looking for ways to improve your operation’s efficiency, using RSBM quick couplers is an excellent solution. Using quick couplers boosts productivity, delivers reliable power and strength, provides top-of-mind safety, and offers integrated technologies.

Using quick couplers gives you fast, convenient attachment changes for superior versatility.

  1. Even More Versatility

Using RSBM quick couplers makes attachments interchangeable, so machines that are similar in class size can share a common inventory. Different types of coupler styles make it easy for one person to switch tools, and one machine to switch between tasks. Increase your versatility on the jobsite by using the right couplers for your jobs.

  • More Than Buckets

Using quick couplers simplifies exchanging attachments, particularly when it comes to buckets. The sheer range of types of buckets compatible with each coupler style makes using a quick coupler an easy decision. Pin grabber couplers are compatible with a wide range of bucket types for different applications and uses and using a quick coupler furthers your ability to go from task to task in a matter of a few minutes.

However, these productivity boosters are not limited to use with buckets. You can use pin grabber couplers with multi-processors, primary and secondary pulverizers, hydraulic hammers, vibratory plate compactors, demolition and sorting grapples, mobile scrap and demolition shears, forestry mulchers, contractors’ grapples, thumbs, rakes and rippers. 

  • Minimal Maintenance

One of the main benefits of quick couplers is saving time through quick attachment changes. With that in mind, choosing a coupler that offers minimum maintenance requirements allows you to spend more time working.

  • Anatomy Of A Pin Grabber Coupler

Using quick couplers allows you to stay in the cab while changing attachments in seconds — sharing attachments between similar-sized machines for peak productivity gains. This redundancy keeps your attachment in place in the event of the loss of hydraulic pressure.

A compact cylinder with a lightweight design provides fast cycle times. The frame of the coupler absorbs the loaders, rather than the cylinder, which is kept closed by constant pressure.

With RSBM couplers, you can save time and energy with convenient attachment changes. See the lineup of couplers or explore attachments to learn more about more work tools available to you.

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