RSBM Top 5 Mini Excavator Attachments to Buy


Mini excavators are quite different from full-size excavators.  Their small size makes them the ideal equipment rental for projects involving tight spaces. A mini excavator also opens up a wide range of attachments to make this machine handy for different uses and job types. Whether you are looking for digging depth, standard excavation or even to help construct a swimming pool, finding the right attachment can be challenging.  Here are the top five mini excavator attachments in RSBM available for purchase. 

1. RSBM Thumbs


The Thumbs are commonly used for picking and placing materials like logs, branches and bigger stones. If you plan on picking up irregularly shaped objects this hydraulic attachment is highly recommended. The thumb makes it easy to adjust for grabbing objects of different sizes. It can even be folded inwards for digging. Operation of this thumb is also super easy. Its controlled by a thumbwheel on the joystick so the operator can easily adjust the speed at which the thumb opens and closes. 

2. RSBM Trenching Bucket


Trenching buckets are like no other. They are small and narrow allowing for trenches to be dug that are deep and slim. This attachment is a popular choice for mini excavators when the operator is looking for an attachment that makes digging deep in a precise way easy. It can improve precision digging and is great for project productivity. 

3. RSBM Quick Coupler


The quick coupler was created to limit the hassle and time it takes to switch attachments on the mini excavator. Rather than needing to hammer out pins to detach the previous attachment, all that is needed is for the operator to change the attachment by pressing certain buttons within the cab of the mini excavator. This attachment is also very common on larger machines like the regular-sized excavator. It makes it easy and efficient for operators to change what they are using on the fly. 

4. RSBM Hydraulic Breaker


RSBM hydraulic breaker is commonly used for concrete and asphalt demolition work. The breaker is a useful attachment for a mini ex when rocks, concrete, and asphalt are needed to be broken down during excavation or demolition. A hydraulic breaker is also known as a hydraulic hammer as the pressure within the breaker is created by hydraulic energy. It is this energy that powers the attachment to move and break the rock into smaller pieces. This makes it easier to move off-site or to transport.

5. RSBM Tilt Bucket


Not all digging jobs are going to be on a perfect angle. With the angle tilt bucket an operator can rotate the bucket up to 45 degrees when working on a slope. This bucket is used for grading and leveling uneven ground allowing the operator to reposition the bucket to match the slope in which the bucket should be working.

Finding the right attachment for your mini excavator should be easy. With proper research of the job conditions and what is needed to complete the task, there are various attachments in RSBM that can help complete the job.

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