Things you don’t know about RSBM rake

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RSBM rake bucket, also known as digging bucket or rake bucket, is one of the attachment of excavator. It is mainly used for digging and transporting soil, sand, stones and other debris. According to their shape and structure, they can be divided into ordinary models and models with bucket teeth.

Without teeth:

Ordinary RSBM rake generally consist of rake wall panels, bottom plates, side plates and bottom plates. It is characterized by a simple structure and no teeth, and is suitable for use on flat ground or softer soil. Ordinary rake buckets can effectively dig, clean and move soil and other debris, and can be faster and more efficient during the construction process.

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With teeth:

The RSBM excavator rake with bucket teeth adds some rigid rake teeth on the basis of the ordinary version. These rake teeth are generally installed on the front end or bottom plate of the rake bucket to increase the digging force and the ability to break hard soil or stones. Excavator rake buckets with bucket teeth are suitable for excavating harder soil or stones and can better cope with complex working conditions.

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Depending on specific needs, the volume and structure of the excavator bucket can vary. Generally speaking, the larger the rake bucket capacity, the higher the excavation efficiency, but it also requires corresponding excavator matching and operating skills.

RSBM rake is made of NM400+Q345 steel, which maximizes practicality while ensuring quality. We have been improving its design for 15 years. What you see now is what we have retained after elimination from generation to generation. The best design increases its wear resistance and service life, and as a manufacturer, we can provide you with different colors to give you a unique experience.

It should be noted that the selection of excavator rake bucket should be considered based on specific engineering requirements, geological conditions, excavation objects and other factors. In actual operation, it is also necessary to select the appropriate rake style according to the construction environment and construction requirements, and ensure that the installation, use and maintenance of the rake comply with relevant regulations and standards to ensure the safety and efficiency of the construction process.

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