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Varieties of Excavator Buckets include:

There are a number of different types of Excavator buckets on the market, each having a unique purpose and set of benefits. Buckets can be customized to suit the excavator and the application.

Excavator buckets are made from a hard grade steel to ensure durability. When purchasing a bucket, it is essential to check the weld quality to ensure quality and efficiency when working.

●Digging Bucket

Digging buckets are one of the most common types of buckets. They generally come standard

with teeth to assist with breaking through hard layers of soil.

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●V-Shaped Bucket

A V-shaped bucket is best used for the laying of pipes. It has a slanted surface and minimises the need for power.

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●Rock Bucket

Equipped with long, sharp teeth, this bucket is ideal to dig through areas of hard rock. The

bucket is reinforced to ensure no damage under pressure.

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●Clean-up Bucket

As the name suggests, this bucket is generally used to clean/scoop up material. As there is no

need to break through hard material, this bucket has no teeth attached.

●Skeleton Bucket

This bucket is widely used when looking to sort materials, successfully separating larger

pleces of rock, concrete or other material. Skeleton buckets can be customised, changing the

bucket and grid sizing.

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●Trenching Bucket

A trenching bucket is the ideal attachment to use when digging a narrow trench. These

buckets can be designed with a smooth edge or with teeth, depending on the application.

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RSBM attachments provide cost effective earth moving and materials handling buckets & attachments for some of the world’s largest equlpment brands including Volvo,Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hyundai and Hitachi.

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