RSBM Upgrade Tilting Grading Beam


An excavator grading beam is an attachment that is used to level and smooth surfaces. It is a wide, flat plate with a leading edge that is often serrated or angled. The grading beam is attached to the excavator’s arm and is used to push or pull the soil.


Based on the mechanical grading beams, RSBM upgrade it’s function, we provide tilting  grading beam to increase it’s application function.

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A tilting grading beam is a specific type of excavator grading beam that allows the operator to adjust the angle of the bar, which provides greater versatility and precision during grading operations. Here are some of the benefits of using a tilting grading beam:

Increased efficiency: The ability to tilt the blade allows the operator to grade uneven surfaces more efficiently, reducing the need for multiple passes.

Improved accuracy: The precise control over the bar angle allows for more accurate leveling and finishing.

Greater versatility: Tilting grading beams can be used for a wider range of applications, such as:

Creating ditches with varying slopes

Grading around obstacles

Finishing slopes and contours

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If you are looking for a way to level and smooth surfaces quickly and efficiently, RSBM grading beam is a great option.

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