RSBM Sweeper for your Skid Steer Loader


A skid steer is a piece of versatile equipment used for digging at construction sites. Most skid steers are light and can easily maneuver around objects, while their arms attach to various tools used during construction and landscaping. Skid steers have four wheels or two tracks, and the front and back axles work simultaneously. Operators can use the machine separately from the wheels on the opposite side.

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A skid steer operator turns the equipment by increasing the wheels’ speed on a specific side. That causes them to drag or skid across the ground, giving the machine its name. Skid steers have various attachment options, allowing the loader to perform several jobs. For example, many skid steers use a bucket attachment for lifting or moving heavy materials.

Skid Loader Broom Attachment

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Skid steer loaders can also have a broom sweeper, which helps clean the ground and clear dirt or debris. Most broom attachments have poly or steel bristles mounted on a tube, while others offer a sweeper bucket. Skid steer broom applications are extensive. Depending on the type of broom attachment used, operators can clear smaller debris from an area or sweep away extra snow or dirt from a construction site.

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The two common broom types are pickup and angled. Typically, skid steer sweepers clean floors in warehouses, parking lots or sidewalks. During construction, operators can use brooms to scrape excess mud from the road, clean the site efficiently or spread materials across the area. You must understand how both types of brooms function to decide which will work better for specific jobs.

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Skid Steer Pickup Sweeper

A pickup broom sweeps, collects and dumps debris using an attached bucket underneath the skid steer. Because skid steers are bidirectional, a pickup motor can collect waste while driving up toward a building or loading dock and brush dirt into the bucket while backing up.

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Construction workers often use pickup brooms to reduce the number of debris and clean the area. They also come in handy at docks, warehouses, roadways, or sidewalks and can clear dirt after snow melts. Due to their simple design, pickup brooms reduce dust and work well in areas where environmental laws or regulations require dust suppression.

These broom types are also good at lowering the chance of flying stones or damaging debris that might harm buildings or working vehicles. Pickup brooms are most suitable for heavier material that an angled sweeper does not easily remove.

Like a broom and dustpan, the removable front broom attachment can sweep in reverse using the cutting edge of the bristles or clean forward using a brush against a rubber flap to collect materials in the bucket.

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