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  1. What is the use of the mulcher?

Mulchers are ideal for efficient cutting and mulching of vegetation and overgrowth. RSBM mulchers, available here in a variety of sizes and flow ratings, which can be used on both excavators and skid steers, are perfect for foresters, landscaping crews, agricultural workers and farmers, and much more. So if you’re looking for a mulcher you’re in the right place. Clear ground-level trees and brush with ease with heavy-duty RSBM forestry mulcher attachments that are made in China with fine steel!

RSBM Mulcher_news 09.28

2. What are the features of the mulcher?

  • Featuring wide cutting widths, able to cut through coarse, woody debris, RSBM mulchers make quick work of the toughest brush.
  • Available on nearly all kinds of excavator or skid steer models.
  • Ships standard with high flow configuration.
  • Replaceable, bolt-on cutting blade keep these mulcher cutting efficiently for longer. Also RSBM provides two types of blade to apply to excavators of different tonnages.
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①stable type (Applicable to 8 tons and above)

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② Floating blade (Applicable to mulchers below 8 tons)

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  • Rear chain guard protection reduces spread of material.
  • Compact size allows for any type of removal job, whether clearing every tree or selectively thinning stands.
RSBM Mulcher_news 5 09.28
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