RSBM Hydraulic Orange Peel Grapple to do What?

Rotating Orange Peel Grabs (3)

RSBM Hydraulic Orange Peel Grapple to do What
RSBM Orange Peel Grapple (sometimes also called a Cactus Grab or Polyp Grab) will be used for materials which cannot be handled with for example a Clamshell Grab. Either the size of the handled materials is too big, or the penetration into the handled materials is better with an Orange Peel Grab. Depending on the size and type of the materials which will be handled with the Orange Peel Grapple, these grabs can be executed with open shells, half closed shells or fully closed shells. Also the weight and execution of the Orange Peel Grapple depend on the materials which will be handled with the grab.The Grapple Specialist customizes her grapples for the required application.

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RSBM hydraulic orange peel grapple fitted on 6-25 tonne excavator is a perfect attachment for solid waste management and steel scrap handling industry.Comes with 4 or 5 tines , hydraulic cylinders are fitted with replaceable piston rod protection and are hydraulically cushioned.

Oil distribution and hydraulic hoses are protected in the carrier.

Reinforced tines are made of wear resistant steel of HB 400. Easy accessible greasing points.

Weld on tips made of high resistant forged and tampered steel of NM400.

Accurate fittings eliminate tine distortion, solid end stops ( open & close) reinforced bolts, large.

RSBM excavator hydraulic orange peel grapple are widely used in loading, unloading and handing of bulk stone, steel, wood and other materials.
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