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RSBM has become popular for providing quality, durable, affordable demolition attachments. We work closely with our clients to build to their specific requirements. We’re always looking for ways to increase the versatility of our customers machines, and when it comes to mini diggers, they are no exception. In addition, on any day the tasks you need your mini digger to perform can vary widely.Such as Our excavator concrete pouring buckets suit 10-40 ton excavators.

RSBM premium Excavator Pouring Bucket is designed to pour concrete when attached to an excavator quick hitch. The concrete is discharged straight into the bucket from a concrete truck, or similar, and can then be poured into the required area. It is especially beneficial for small sites and civil works, where a concrete skip or a concrete pump is not required. The concrete pouring bucket attachment has a super-large 700 litre capacity, and has a heavy-duty design to withstand the harsh wear and tear of construction sites. It can be used to pour other materials, such as loose gravel. It is not designed to scoop material from a stockpile on the ground.

Designed to be used not only with concrete, but also pea shingle, gravel or any other pourable aggregates that require accuracy. They all come fitted with a chute and gate, to maximise your flow and pouring control.

Concrete Pouring Bucket_1

The RSBM concrete pouring buckets have a capacity of 1.0 cubic meter. We also can also make them with capacities of 0.25 & 0.50 cubic meters with customized measurements upon request.

Application: construction

• The bucket allows easy transportation of concrete to areas where a concrete truck can’t get to. The excavator can track across uneven ground to the pouring location.
• The bucket has storage for 65mm and 80mm pins, for ease when using different sizes of excavator. The bucket is compatible with 10 to 40 tonne excavators.
• The bucket can be filled directly from the concrete truck, preventing multiple handling.
* 700 litre capacity

* other litre capacity can be customized to order
We also do customized products. We strive to your satisfaction.warmly welcome to contact RSBM for more details information!

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