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Destroying concrete is tough business. Concrete pulverizers can take care of primary demolition, chewing apart a building or wall, or destroy reinforced concrete at ground level, but what do you need to know before choosing a concrete pulverizer for demolition?what you need to know to choose the right concrete pulverizer for primary or secondary concrete demolition applications.

What are the features and types of concrete pulverizers?

Manual Pulverizers:

Manual pulverizers_08.24 news

1.Can be used as direct mount or with a Quick Hitch

2.Utilizes the excavator’s hydraulic forces to crush concrete and cut rebar

3.Made of high strength, abrasion resistant steel

4.Wear resistant alloy pivot bearings & pins

5.Pin-on easily replaceable jaws as standard

6.Fitted with replaceable shear blades for cutting rebar

Hydraulic pulverizers

Hydraulic pulverizers_08.24 news

1.Special jaw teeth design and double layer wear protection system.

2.Hardox400 make it high wear resistance and demolition force.

3.Rotation and non-rotation can be choose

4.Easy installation structure makes the construction process simple and easy.

When selecting a concrete pulverizer you need to look at the following parameters
What size excavator do I have?

A key factor is your excavator weight and hydraulic requirements. You need either find an attachment that fits to your carrier or get a carrier that fits your attachment. The attachment and carrier size depend on the type of jobs you do and the material you need to process. The larger the attachment the larger piece you can grab and crush down.

Does my excavator have additional plumbing?

If not, a hydraulic pulverizer might not be the right option. Of course, your excavator can be retroffited with a pumbing kit which adds to your investment costs. Cylinder powered concrete pulverizer attachments have a bigger breaking force and handle thicker concrete better. The larger the cylinder, the more powerful the tool. If you don’t have the option to get an excavator with the additional plumbing a mechanical pulverizer is an option to get started as well.

What type of concrete material do I generate?

If your material is 100% controlled through you and you deal with light demo material such as patio slabs and sidewalk a mechanical pulverizer might be just right. In case you get more into heavy-duty demolition material with lots or rebar a hydraulic pulverizer provides the additional breaking force to get  the rebar out.

What is your budget?

A mechanical pulverizer is an economical way to preprocess concrete because it comes with fewer components and has a much simpler design than a hydraulic pulverizer.

What you need to know about the job site and materials for demolition or reduction

You will need to know some general information about the application – what is the material, what is the hardness of the material, where is the material located, and how thick is it? Size, thickness and presence of plate or rebar is also important to know when selecting a concrete pulverizer.

Whether the demolition needs to be done at height or below grade, as well as job site conditions, are other factors. Will the work be done in water, or will you be close to other buildings? Are you in a residential area?

Maintenance needs of concrete pulverizers

Concrete pulverizers require high-quality grease on every shift, and beyond that maintenance depends on utilization and the materials that the attachment is used for. Wear parts on a concrete pulverizer are replaceable. The small blade in the throat of the attachment behind the tooth plate, which cuts through rebar-reinforced concrete, is reversible and replaceable, and jaw teeth can be replaced as needed.

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