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RSBM Asphalt Cutter is a tool specifically designed for precisely cutting through asphalt for repair of cracked of broken sections or exposing the ground underneath for maintenance or repair of underground lines as efficiently as possible.

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The asphalt cutter can be coupled on the end of your excavator, ideally with a rotating coupler. It will cut your asphalt finely and precisely, to the desired profile. The weight of the excavator generates the necessary pressure for cutting. The cuts into the asphalt are a few centimeters deep. The cutting element is a disc machined in anti-abrasion steel, that can be removed and sharpened if necessary. The bearing is of large size and is easy to remove.

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  1. Super-rigid box frame ensures straight cuts while resisting warping and vibration–prolongs saw life; extends blade life
  2. Ergonomically designed, height adjustable handles
  3. Blade guard is designed to provide easy blade replacement

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