Vibrating Screening Bucket

Brand: RSBM / Bucket Capacity: 1.2 CBM / Width: 1500 mm / Screening Size: 60 mm / Manuf Year: 2024.
· Versatile: Ideal for construction, material recovery, and landscaping.
· Dual Function: Excavate, load, and filter simultaneously.
· Efficient Sorting: Simplifies operations and material processing.
· Cost-Saving: Reduces transport and landfill costs.

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RSBM vibrating screening bucket is perfect for street and canal construction, as well as the recovery of usable, re-processable rock material, building rubble, mixed construction waste, earth masses, slag, or incineration ash, which can be separated and reused.

The RSBM vibrating screening bucket can function as a backhoe for excavation and loading work while simultaneously filtering out materials. It’s also highly effective in gardening and landscaping, stripping paved roads and recovering paving stones, or cleaning and filtering sand or topsoil.

On-site soil sorting with the RSBM vibrating bucket simplifies subsequent operations and the processing of sorted materials if needed. This bucket enables economical storage volume management, saving on transport and landfill costs.

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