Stump Shear

Stump Shear: Efficiently remove tree stumps. Powerful excavator attachment for land clearing. Maximize efficiency with RSBM.

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RSBM Stump Shear is a rugged and efficient excavator attachment designed for fast and precise stump removal. Its strong build and sharp cutting blades make it a reliable tool for land clearing projects.

  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, the Stump Shear ensures long-lasting performance and durability in challenging conditions.
  • Sharp Cutting Blades: Equipped with robust cutting blades, it delivers precise and clean cuts for effective stump removal.
  • Simple Mechanical Design: With no hydraulic system, it offers easy installation and operation, reducing maintenance requirements.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Designed to fit various excavators, it provides versatility for different project needs.
  • Swift Stump Removal: The Stump Shear efficiently removes tree stumps, saving time and labor costs in land clearing tasks.
  • Enhanced Safety: With precise cutting and stable mechanical performance, it ensures a safer work environment for operators.
  • Versatility: Suitable for land clearing, forestry, and landscaping, offering a versatile solution for multiple applications.
  • Land Clearing: Ideal for removing tree stumps and clearing vegetation on construction sites, roadsides, and landscaping projects.
  • Forestry Projects: Used to clear tree stumps and enhance the management of wooded areas and forests.
Basic Information

Product Name : Stump Shear
Material : Q345B, Q460,NM360/400,HARDOX450/500
Machine Tons : 1-80tons Excavator
Color : Original color or as customer's request
Delivery Time : 10 days after payment
OEM : Available
Warranty : 6 months

Product Fits
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