Slab Bucket

The slab bucket features a unique design with a slender appearance and a curved bottom plate, setting it apart from regular digging buckets.

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With a particular design for carrying, a slab bucket is with overall slender appearance and a curved bottom plate which differs from the regular digging bucket.

Applicable Size:

Due to its specialty, its’ applicable size should be started from 12 tons.


Firstly, its slender appearance guarantees slates to fit in perfectly without falling due to over-wide. Secondly, with a curved shape, it could hold the slate firmly without the circumstance of the slate falling down due to balance-losing.


Slab bucket is the tool of choice for the removal of saw cut concrete slabs, pavement slabs, and bridge decks. In general, a slab bucket is applicable for the removal of slabs/blocks that have been cut. Thus, it’s widely used in construction areas such as bridge building, road repairing, etc.

Basic Information

Product Name : Slab Buckets
Material : Q345B, NM400, Handox400/500 etc.
Weight : 50-10,000KG
Machine Tons : 5-100tons Excavator
Color : Original color or as customer's request
Delivery Time : 10 days after payment
OEM : Available
Warranty : 6 months

Product Fits
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