Rock Bucket

RSBM Rock Bucket: Unmatched strength and durability for heavy-duty excavation. Handle tough materials with ease. Boost your productivity.

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Excavator Bucket
 Type Capabilit Working Environment
GP bucket Plate of standard thickness and parts with high quality (teeth, adaptor, and side cutters)For normal digging and loading activities of clay, sand or other soft materials with little or no debris or large rocks. Optimal shape guarantees excellent digging properties and large capacity.
Heavy-duty bucketThicker plate and higher quality parts(teeth, adaptor, and side cutters). With reinforced plates on the bottom and two sets of protective plates on both sides. Stronger than the GP backhoe bucket, HD bucket is for heavier digging and spading in hard and slightly rocky soil.
Suitable for – paving, tarmac, light breaking, demolition activities, etc.
The robustness and resistance allow it to work against high strength materials.
Rock bucketThicker plate and parts with higher quality(teeth, adaptor, side cutters, teeth shroud, and flanges). With reinforced plates on the bottom, reinforced lines in front, and two sets of protective plates on both sides. Suitable for comparatively heaviest working conditions in rocky types of soil and demolition work.
Its optimal shape allows the ability to effortlessly pick up large rocks, and the most durable steel gives it the very robustness and extremely strong design
It’s wear-resistant, except when it’s under an extreme construction condition.
HD Rock BucketThickest plates and parts (rock teeth, adapter, double side
protectors, lip protectors, side wear-resistant block, inside reinforced liners, heel shrouds, wear-resistant balls on both sides of the bucket, and wear resistant plates on the bottom).
With greater wear-resistance and strength than the buckets above, HD rock bucket suits the most extreme construction conditions and owns the longest service life of a few years.
It’s required in these works below (included but not limited to):
Paving, tarmac, heavy breaking, and demolition activities
Unmatched Strength and Toughness

Built with reinforced steel components, the RSBM Rock Bucket is engineered to handle the most demanding jobs. Its robust construction ensures superior strength and durability, allowing you to confidently tackle even the hardest rock formations. With this bucket, you can rely on its toughness to withstand the harshest environments.

Optimized Design for Efficiency

The rock bucket features a deep profile that maximizes its hauling capacity. This means you can move larger loads of material with ease, enhancing your productivity and efficiency on the job site. Its specially designed teeth and cutting edges enable smooth penetration and effective material handling, saving you time and effort.

Versatility for Various Applications

The RSBM Rock Bucket is not limited to rock excavation alone. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including quarrying, mining, construction, and more. Whether you’re digging trenches, clearing debris, or loading aggregates, this bucket adapts to the task at hand, providing you with exceptional performance across different job sites.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

Installing and removing the RSBM Rock Bucket is a breeze, thanks to its quick attach mechanism. It seamlessly integrates with a variety of excavators, loaders, and other machinery, ensuring compatibility and minimizing downtime. Spend less time on equipment setup and more time on getting the job done.

Choose RSBM Rock Bucket for Unmatched Performance

When it comes to heavy-duty excavation, the RSBM Rock Bucket stands out as the go-to choice. Its strength, durability, and versatility make it an essential tool for professionals in the mining, quarrying, and construction industries. Experience unmatched performance and take your projects to new heights with the RSBM Rock Bucket.

Basic Information

Product Name: Excavator Rock Bucket
Capacity: 0.01m3-12m3
Material: Q345B, NM400, Handox400/500 etc
Optional Parts: Optional wearing strip, wearing block, wearing angle
Weight: 50-10,000KG
Machine Tons: 5-100tons Excavator
Color: Original color or as customer's request
Delivery Time: 10 days after payment
OEM: Available
Warranty: 6 months

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