Hydraulic Rotating Grapple

RSBM Hydraulic Rotating Grapple: Efficient material handling solution with precision and versatility. Perfect for construction and more.

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Hydraulic Rotating Grapple
Suitable Excavator (ton)4-67-1112-1617-2324-3031-40
Max Jaw Opening(mm)120014001600210025002800
Working Pressure (bar)110-140120-160150-170160-180160-180180-200
Set Up Pressure (bar)170180190200210250
Working Flow (lpm)30-5550-10090-110100-140130-170200-250
Cylinder Volume (ton)4.0*24.5*28.0*29.7*212*212*2

Hydraulic rotating grapple, is the more advanced grapple with a rotary system that allows 360 degrees’ rotation for lifting with more versatility.
Fitted to all excavators’ models. Single-cylinder will be equipped for excavators under 3 tons, and double cylinders for over.


Designed & manufactured with extreme closing pressures to ensure minimal load loss, and Widest Jaw Opening in its class which improves operator productivity. Besides, with the special system of rotating, it could function better in grabbing materials around the excavator itself.


Hydraulic rotary grapples are designed and built for land clearing, waste materials handling, demolition, rock breaking, wall construction, etc.

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