Heavy Duty Bucket

RSBM Heavy Duty Buckets: Durable and high-performance excavator attachments for demanding tasks. Upgrade your capabilities today.

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Heavy Duty Bucket: Standard bucket with advanced attachments (one more side cutter for protection of the frame and wear-resistant plates for advancement) to suit works that require robustness.

Applied Size: 

Suits 1 to 50 tons’ excavator. (Could be customized for larger tonnage).
Characteristic: Thicker wear plates function better than general ones for longer using-term.


Heavy-duty buckets are for works that require comparatively high strength materials, such as paving, tarmac, light breaking, demolition activities, etc.

RanSun have four types of bucket, standard bucket, heavy duty bucket, rock bucket and heavy rock bucket. We offer a full range of buckets for machines from 0.1m3 to 12m3 in bucket capacity for a large variety of applications. The applications include light and general construction, road and rail construction as well as quarrying and mining industries.

Excavator Bucket
 Type Capabilit Working Environment
Standard bucketPlate of standard thickness and parts with high quality (teeth, adaptor, and side cutters)For normal digging and loading activities of clay, sand or other soft materials with little or no debris or large rocks. Optimal shape guarantees excellent digging properties and large capacity.
Heavy-duty bucketThicker plate and higher quality parts(teeth, adaptor, and side cutters). With reinforced plates on the bottom and two sets of protective plates on both sides.Stronger than the GP backhoe bucket, HD bucket is for heavier digging and spading in hard and slightly rocky soil.
Suitable for – paving, tarmac, light breaking, demolition activities, etc.
The robustness and resistance allow it to work against high strength materials.
Rock bucketThicker plate and parts with higher quality(teeth, adaptor, side cutters, teeth shroud, and flanges). With reinforced plates on the bottom, reinforced lines in front, and two sets of protective plates on both sides.Suitable for comparatively heaviest working conditions in rocky types of soil and demolition work.
Its optimal shape allows the ability to effortlessly pick up large rocks, and the most durable steel gives it the very robustness and extremely strong design
It’s wear-resistant, except when it’s under an extreme construction condition.
HD Rock BucketThickest plates and parts (rock teeth, adapter, double side
protectors, lip protectors, side wear-resistant block, inside reinforced liners, heel shrouds, wear-resistant balls on both sides of the bucket, and wear resistant plates on the bottom).
With greater wear-resistance and strength than the buckets above, HD rock bucket suits the most extreme construction conditions and owns the longest service life of a few years.
It’s required in these works below (included but not limited to):
Paving, tarmac, heavy breaking, and demolition activities
Basic Information

Product Name : Heavy Duty Bucket
Capacity : 0.01m3-12m3
Type : GP, HD, HDR, Super Rock Bucket
Material : Q345B, NM400, Handox400/500 etc.
Optional Parts : Optional wearing strip,wearing block, wearing angle
Machine Tons : 5-100tons Excavator
Color : Original color or as customer's request
Delivery Time : 10 days after payment
OEM : Available
Warranty : 6 months

Product Fits
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