Grading Bucket for Mini Excavator

RSBM Grading Buckets are specially designed for use with a tilt rotator. Easy to fill, they are ideal for cleaning and leveling tasks.

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Grading Bucket
No.Volume (I) SAE / Quick couplerWidth (mm)Edge (mm)Weight (kg)Recommended weight class (T)
RSGB-40150 / S401100201103-4
RSGB-50500 / S5015002538010-12
RSGB-60800 / S6017003058014-18
RSGB-701450 / S70200040111023-32
RSGB-801800 / S80200040133430-40

What is a Grading Bucket?

Grading bucket is a specialized attachment designed for precision grading, leveling, and landscaping tasks. Its wide, flat shape and lack of teeth make it perfect for smoothing and finishing surfaces.


a. Available in single and double cutting edge configurations.
b. Compatible with S Series Quick Hitch
c. Smooth edge design for clean and precise finishing.
d. Lightweight construction reduces strain on the excavator, enhancing efficiency.

Why Choose RSBM?

Our buckets are made from high strength steel (HARDOX400/ NM400/ WELDOX700/ Q345 etc) and assembled with high quality parts, ensuring durability and longevity even in the toughest working conditions.

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