How you benefit from cutting edges by RSBM?

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Bolt-on cutting edges are used on wheel loader or excavator buckets. They are used when the planned use of the machine does not require a particularly high penetration capacity of the bucket. This is the case, for example, when loading easily detachable materials or in return loading.


Bolt-on cutting edges are offered with and without a hole. In addition to the long versions, there are also corner knives (for corner protection systems), differently angled segments and half-arrow under bolt segments. These allow easier penetration into the material, especially on large wheel loaders, and protect the basic blade from wear.

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What measurements data do you need to provide?

  1. The thickness:15mm
  2. The total length:1225mm
  3. The width:10mm
  4. Bolt spacing:152mm
  5. Bolt hole diameter:18mm
  6. Are bolts and bevels ° required?

Here are six reasons why you should have bolts on the cutting edge of wide or sloped buckets. At RSBM we offer all wide and sloped buckets, 5 tons and up, with heavy duty bolts on cutting edges as standard, as well as fixed cutting edges.

1. No need to cut off or use a welding machine

With a bolt on cutting edge, gone are the days of cutting off a fixed cutting edge and welding a new one (half a day’s work)! Simply remove the plowshare bolts, turn the bolts on the cutting edge to a new one (or replace it if it’s completely worn out) and reinstall the plowshare bolts, and you’ll be back on the job within an hour.

2. Twice the lifespan before replacement is required

The bolts on our blades are double sided extra heavy duty steel; this means that when you wear down the sides, if there are no bolts on the cutting edge, you need to cut off the fixed edge and replace it twice (requiring a lot of extra time and resources).

3. Additional Bucket Capacity

Sloping or wide bucket capacity is increased when the cutting edge bolts are installed because the cutting edge bolts protrude beyond the front of the fixed cutting edge, increasing the length of the bedplate.

4. Less wear and tear on side styles and bucket bags

With the Bolt on Cutting Edge extending the floor further you don’t suffer as much wear on the side style bottom where without the Bolt on Cutting Edge you would start wearing these before replacing the fixed cutting edges – additional engineering is required when replacing the fixed cutting edges Work.

Additionally, due to the added thickness of the bolts on the cutting edge, it lifts the entire bottom of the bucket slightly off the ground – meaning the floor of the bucket is less likely to come into contact with the ground when digging or leveling, reducing drag and wear.

5. Harder cutting edge means no ribs required

Using bolts on the cutting edge, the thickness is doubled to give a stronger front of the bucket, which combined with our bucket wrap and wear strips make for a very strong and durable bucket. This means no ribs are required – saving material to clog around.

6.Cost-effective option

This is probably one of the most outstanding benefits provided by the bolt-on bucket edge to a heavy-duty machinery owner. The easy and quick replacement of worn components provided by the bolt-on bucket edge also means always increased productivity.

Time, effort, and money are saved when a bolt-on bucket edge is fitted to the bucket of any heavy-duty types of machinery. High productivity in the job site is achieved with the uninterrupted work benefit provided by RanSun cutting edges!

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