How to distinguish three types of breakers

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Side type hydraulic breaker, Top type hydraulic breaker and Box type hydraulic breaker can be distinguished by the following methods:

  • Hammer head shape: The hammer head of a Side type hydraulic breaker is designed in the shape of an equilateral triangle, while the hammer head of a Top type hydraulic breaker is square with both sides equal.
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  • Working noise: Generally speaking, the noise of Side type hydraulic breaker and Top type hydraulic breaker is larger. In comparison, the noise of Box type hydraulic breaker is lower.
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  • Structural features: The hammer bodies of Side type hydraulic breakers and Top type hydraulic breakers are protected by thick steel plywood on both sides, but they lack comprehensive protection of the hammer body. The shell of the Box type hydraulic breaker completely wraps the hammer body and contains vibration-absorbing materials, which create a buffer between the hammer body and the shell, and can also reduce the vibration of the carrier.
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In actual operation, you can also choose according to your usage needs. If you need more powerful crushing operations, you can choose a more powerful Side type hydraulic breaker or Top type hydraulic breaker. If the working environment is more sensitive, or you are pursuing low-noise and high-efficiency operations, then a Box type hydraulic breaker will be a better choice.

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