How to choose a hydraulic breaker?

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Hydraulic breaker is the second most popular attachment after bucket. Some customers maybe feel confused at how to choose the hydraulic breaker for their Excavator or Skid loader.

The suitable hydraulic hammer is the key point in your construction work or related works. As we all know ,the right breaker can increase your productivity, minimize your maintenance costs and maxmimize your utilization.

RSBM give some tips to you for selecting the right breaker.


There are three types of hydraulic rock breaker, box type, also called silent type, top type and side type.

Choose a box type hydraulic breaker,you could keep noise level down and control the direction easily.

And, The full-closed box design protect the main body from damage.

If you choose a top type breaker, you can change the ear plate.

hydrualic breaker


The hydraulic hammer is versatile enough to work in various applications, so it is critical to match your machines with the intended project.

In mining or quarrying,it requires a larger hammer with a strong impact power and slower rate in order to break up rocks or limestone into small pieces.

When it comes to road demolition or tunneling, penetrating power and impact rate are the key point to improve working could chose mideum hydraulic breaker, such as 10-15tons class one.

For hole digging or landscaping, mini excavator or a skid steer mounted with one ton or two tons class breaker works perfectly.

How to use breaker

Like with all hydraulic attachment tools, you attach it to an excavator or mini-digger then operate it, pointing and placing it where you want to break the rock. The principle of the rock breaker is to apply constant pressure on a small piston in order to gain mechanical advantage when the force passes through pipes on a bigger area.

We sell several variations of rock breakers. They all have a strong and steel made construction, but the differences among them are in weight, size and usage. Everyone of our hydraulic breakers are designed to be used for a specific application. The weight of the head determines the balance and the efficiency of the whole rock breaker. Logically, the heavier the head, the quicker and more efficient the breaking procedure.

Finally, Considering purchasing a hydraulic hammer is making an important investment, We RSBM hope that these tips could give you some help. Please feel free to contact us!

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