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RSBM is a leading excavator attachments wholesale supplier in China. We manufacture all brands and kinds of sizes of buckets by using high-quality steel materials. Besides Standard buckets, Heavy duty buckets, Rock buckets and Heavy-Duty Rock Buckets, we also offer special purpose buckets, such as Tilting buckets, Mud buckets, Skeleton buckets, Trenching buckets, Grab buckets, Rake, Grapple, Ripper and other excavator attachments. We support customization, so whether you need large or mini excavator attachments, we can do it!

4 Featured Excavator Attachments in RSBM

Our featured excavator attachments transform common construction sites, landscaping projects and demolition tasks into highly efficient and effective operations, offering a variety of sizes, materials and configurations to meet your specific needs and ensure durability and peak performance.

Excavator Standard Buckets Attachments

RSBM offers four types of excavator buckets to suit a range of applications:  GP bucket, heavy-duty bucket, rock bucket, and heavy-duty rock bucket.
GP Bucket is designed for your normal earthworking and other easy loading tasks.
Heavy Duty Bucket is stronger than the GP bucket, designed for your heavier digging and spading in hard and slightly rocky soil.
Rock Bucket is designed for your toughest jobs in rocky soil and demolition work.
Heavy Duty Rock Bucket is designed with high-strength materials for maximum durability and performance.

3 rsbm root rake_excavator attachments

Root Rakes Attachments for Excavator

RSBM offers two types of root rakes for different working conditions, including mini excavator root rakes.

The first is primarily used for landscaping and debris handling.

The second type has extra bucket teeth specially designed for increased grip and lifting ability and is ideal for handling larger or denser materials. Both root rakes can be used in conjunction with our thumbs to grab items.

Of course, we also accept custom orders!

demolition-attachments-excavator attachments
breaker-excavator attachments

Demolition Attachments for Excavator

If you are a construction company or in an industry that requires a lot of demoliton, we recommend these products.
Hydraulic log Grapple feature a set of jaws or claws that can open and close to grip objects. The design of the jaws can vary depending on the application, with options such as single, double or multiple jaws. 

Excavator Rippers are attachments used to break up hard or compacted materials such as rock, asphalt and frozen ground. They have a single tine or multiple tines, depending on the application and the material being ripped. They have replaceable teeth or tips for durability and easy maintenance, and are built with high-strength steel to withstand the forces encountered during ripping operations. We support 1-90T excavator models, so we also support the mini excavator ripper.

Hydrualic Shear and Concrete Pulverizer for excavator can be used for primary demolition to break structures or for secondary demolition to further reduce debris size.

We offer three types of Hydraulic Breakers. They are priced incrementally due to cost. They are side, top and box type. They are all made of high strength steel and other durable materials to withstand the rigors of heavy demolition work. The top type is longer and heavier than the side type for easier control and positioning, and the box type is quieter than the top type.

3 quick couplers_excavator attachments

Quick Couplers for Excavator

Quick Coupler can help you quickly and easily change excavator attachments. We offer 3 types of quick couplers, mechanical quick coupler, hydraulic quick coupler and tilt quick coupler. Tilt quick coupler allows the attached tool or bucket to be tilted to a certain degree, typically up to 45 degrees in both directions.

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How to Choose the Right Excavator Attachments?

Table of Contents

Selection of the right excavator accessories can substantially improve both the efficiency and versatility of your excavator.
With a wide variety of compatible attachments to choose from, the right decision depends on a number of factors requiring careful deliberation. Let this guide help you through this process and select those excavator attachments best suited for your needs. It is a vital principle that, before anything else, you understand your project needs Clearly.

Understand Your Project Requirements

Before diving into the specifics of different attachments, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your project requirements. Consider the following questions:

1. What type of material is it that will be handled?
2. What are the general nature and circumstances at the site?
3. What jobs will be done by this attachment (excavating, leveling off, lifting and so on)?
4. What kind of excavator do you have, what is its size, and what is its capacity?

Having clear answers to these questions will help you narrow down the options and choose attachments that match your project’s needs.


Types of Excavator Attachments

There are numerous excavator attachments available, each designed for specific tasks. Here are some of the most common types:


  • General Purpose (GP) Buckets: Ideal for digging and loading operations involving clay, sand, or loose materials.
  • Heavy Duty (HD) Buckets: Suitable for heavier digging in hard or rocky soil.
  • Rock Buckets: Designed for the toughest conditions, ideal for handling rocks and demolition work.
  • Grading Buckets: Used for cleaning and leveling tasks, often featuring a wider, flat edge.

Hydraulic Attachments:

  • Breakers: Used for demolishing concrete structures and rocks.
  • Augers: Perfect for drilling holes for posts, poles, or trees.
  • Shears: Designed for cutting metal and other tough materials.

Specialty Attachments:

  • Thumbs: Enhances the ability to grasp and lift irregularly shaped objects.
  • Rippers: Ideal for breaking up hard ground or rock.
  • Tilting Buckets: Allows for better angle control, useful for grading and finishing work.

Compatibility with Your Excavator

Ensure that the attachments you choose are compatible with your excavator. This involves checking the attachment’s weight, hydraulic requirements, and mounting system. Using incompatible attachments can lead to inefficient performance and potential damage to your machine.

Quick Hitch Systems: Many modern excavators are equipped with quick hitch systems that allow for rapid attachment changes. If your excavator has a quick hitch, make sure the attachments you choose are compatible with it. This can save you valuable time and increase productivity.


Quality and Durability

Investing in high-quality, durable attachments is crucial for long-term performance and reliability. Look for attachments made from high-strength materials like alloy steel or reinforced composites. Consider brands with a reputation for manufacturing robust and reliable attachments.

RSBM Attachments: RSBM offers a wide range of durable and efficient attachments designed to meet the highest standards. Their products are known for their strength, reliability, and compatibility with various excavator models.


Evaluate Your Budget

While it’s important to invest in quality attachments, it’s also essential to consider your budget. Determine how much you are willing to spend and look for attachments that offer the best value for your money. 


Seek Expert Advice

If you’re unsure about which attachments to choose, don’t hesitate to seek expert advice. Consult with the attachment manufacturer or a trusted dealer who can provide insights based on your specific needs and conditions.


Test Before Purchase

If possible, test the attachments before making a purchase. This can give you a better understanding of how they perform in real-world conditions and help you make a more informed decision.


Maintenance and Support

Consider the maintenance requirements of the attachments and ensure that you have access to support and spare parts. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your attachments in optimal condition and extend their lifespan.


Selecting the best attachments for excavators can increase your machine’s versatility and productivity. Before you even walk into a task with your project requirements and in what areas they can be met, verify for fit as well stand quality aspects of the attachment to ensure accurate workout.

When it comes down to it, buying the right attachments is an investment in your project’s success. So choose wisely, research well and you will find increased efficiency.

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