Do You Know RSBM Excavator Thumb Bucket to do What


RSBM excavator thumb bucket, uses a thumb bucket to help your excavator for various material handling applications, thumb buckets available for excavators from 5 to 30 ton.Ideal for handling of disposable waste, brush, logs, construction debris, stones, pipes. Specially designed big capacity cylinder, integrated control lever with operating buttons. Wear and tear resistant special steel is used.

RSBM excavator thumb bucket is installed with high strength ripper teeth, strong digging capacity, convenience for digging and loading at the same time, high efficiency.Connected with pins, the 2 parts could create a jaw-like function which makes sure that the materials could be held tightly and moved away in a most efficient and energy-saving way.



1.The thumb fitted on the bucket grabs materials and prevent them from falling off

2.Optional mechanical thumb or hydraulic thumb that can be ordered separately

3.Utilizes GP bucket


Work sites where materials are prone to falling off,especially practical and secure for high lift-up loading.

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