Different kinds of RSBM Grapple


If you have the excavator want to move wood, tree, stone, scrap steel or other materials, it is very important to choose a good excavator grapple. But there are many different types of grapples with different functions on the market, how to choose the right one for you. The article will introduce different grapples

Hydraulic or mechanical grapples

An excavator grapple is generally powered in one of two ways: mechanically or hydraulically. Each comes with its benefits and drawbacks to consider in selecting a grapple.

Mechanical grapples advantage:

A mechanical grapple is the less expensive model, with less maintenance required to keep it in good working order. In addition to grabbing, it is also suitable for direct demolition

Hydraulic grapples advantage:

Hydraulic grab has higher accuracy and can save more time.

Rotating or not rotating

The difference is that the rotary clamp has one more rotation, it is more expensive than not rotating. Rotating grapple can rotate at 360 degrees and it is easier to load the goods at different angles. In complex work, it is more recommended to choose a rotating grapple.

Rotating screening grapple

Rotating screening grapple is stronger and has a larger contact surface suitable for demolition. It can greatly enhance the productivity of primary or secondary demolition applications. They are capable of moving large volumes of material while sorting recyclables.

According to your project, working conditions and excavator, you can choose the right grapple. Please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a suitable grapple.

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